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Tips for Maintaining a Heat Pump


If you have a heat pump, it’s likely that you’re delighted with it. They are great systems for many reasons. But like any complex appliance, things can go wrong on occasion. How can you avoid having problems crop up with your heat pump just when you need it most in the summer heat? By properly maintaining it.

Why Maintenance Matters

One of the best things about heat pumps is their efficiency. But lack of maintenance makes that efficiency drop. The Department of Energy estimates that an unmaintained heat pump can be up to 25% less efficient than one that has regular maintenance done. That could mean paying a lot more than you should for your home comfort. Maintenance also dramatically decreases the likelihood that your heat pump will need repair in the coming months and even extends the lifespan of the system by reducing wear and tear and strain on the compressor.

Maintenance to Do Yourself

There are several things you should be doing regularly throughout the year to help keep your heat pump in good condition. First, there’s the air filter. This should be cleaned, dried, and put back in place (or replaced with a new one if it’s disposable) monthly while the heat pump is being used continually. In times of limited use, like spring and fall, that can be done every third month. You should also take a look at the outdoor unit from time to time, and trim away any plants that are getting too close. If the coils are dirty, gently spray them clean with a hose. Don’t use a high-pressure spray, because you just need to rinse off dirt, and you don’t want to cause damage.

Maintenance Done by Professionals

Professional heating or air conditioning maintenance in Cohasset, MN should be performed annually. This is often done just before the high-use season, in the fall for a furnace and in spring for an AC unit. But because a heat pump is in year-round use, providing both heating and cooling, it sees twice as much wear and tear throughout the year as a one-season appliance. That means you should have heat pump maintenance done twice a year, to ensure that you truly reap the benefits of it.

When a technician does heat pump maintenance, they will inspect and clean all the components of your system, indoors and out. They will lubricate moving parts like the motor and fan to reduce friction and thus reduce wear and tear. They will test all the electrical connections and test that your thermostat is accurate and working properly, and make sure the condensate pan is clean and moisture is draining as it should. If a screw needs to be tightened, it can be done during maintenance, ensuring that it won’t continue working its way loose until a component like a fan blade flies free and damages other parts of the system. 

And right now, before the hot weather hits, is the perfect time to schedule heat pump maintenance.

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