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Serving the Northland


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Allergies? Time for Duct Cleaning!


Spring just might be the most beautiful time of the year in Minnesota. The relief that the long winter is over, the warming weather, the blooming flowers… but, of course, spring also means the dawn of allergy season. And if you have serious allergies, they can make it very hard to enjoy the beautiful weather.

There are many possible approaches to dealing with allergies. Some people claim that strictly sticking to a certain diet keeps their symptoms minimal. Others take daily medication. And many people try to avoid the worst of the pollen by staying inside, which has its own risks. What if the allergens are already in your home? Air duct cleaning can remove a lot of the pollen and other things threatening your respiratory wellness.

The Allergens You’re Breathing

While it’s pollen which has the most significant seasonal swings, there are plenty of other things you might be allergic to. And if you are suffering from pollen allergies, your immune system is on high alert, and you’re more likely to react to other things, as well. 

There are a variety of types of pollen that can cause allergic reactions—mostly tree pollen in the spring, grasses throughout the summer, and ragweed in the fall. Pet dander is another common allergen. Dander is proteins from skin and saliva, not the actual fur, and can come from furless animals as well. And mold, which reproduces via airborne spores, also causes allergies.

The Mess in Your Ducts

In order to work properly, maintain air pressure, and keep your heat and air conditioning working efficiently, your ducts must be enclosed. This means you can’t see inside. Who knows what’s going on in there?! Well, we can give you some clues. 

Anything that’s circulating in your air will settle out, little by little, in your ducts, just like dust settles out of the air onto surfaces in your home. This includes pollen, pet dander, and mold spores. And if there’s even the littlest bit of moisture trapped in those dark ducts, they’re the perfect environment for mold to grow into thriving colonies and send out more and more spores.

The Importance of Professional Duct Cleaning

As we mentioned above, your ducts need to be enclosed. If there’s damage—tears, holes, or cracks—your expensive heated and conditioned air will escape. Instead of keeping the living areas of your home comfortable, it’ll end up in your attic or between your walls, and you’ll pay more and more to keep trying to heat and cool your home. So it’s very important to keep your ducts intact!

That’s why you should never try to clean them yourself. When you get professional duct cleaning in Mountain Iron, MN, you won’t have to worry about damage. Our technicians have extensive training in how to clean ducts with precision and care. They’ve also got the specialized tools to tackle any sort of mess in any type of ductwork. 

When you want to decrease the allergens in your home, avoid growing a mold colony, and get your ducts clean without risking damage to them, trust the professionals.

Reach out to Mesaba Heating & Air Conditioning today. Service to you is success to us!

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