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Serving the Northland


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Answering Your Air Purifier FAQs


Ahhh, autumn. That beautiful season in Minnesota when we start hunkering down, focusing on cooking seasonal treats, preparing for holiday celebrations, and readying our homes for the cooler weather. When we start spending so much more time indoors, it’s an ideal time to consider the indoor air quality of your home and learn about air purifiers in Mountain Iron, MN.

Air purifiers can help to ensure that the air you’re breathing during the fall and winter months will smell fresher and be healthier to breathe. If you have questions about what air purifiers do, how they work, and what the benefits are, you’ve come to the right place.

How Air Purifiers Operate

An air purifier uses filtration to capture particles. But it goes a step further: instead of only trapping contaminants for disposal, air purifiers neutralize pollutants. UV purifiers use ultraviolet light. This simple but powerful method means that pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and mold can be sterilized from the air that passes through the purifier. Electronic air cleaners give the particles a charge that causes them to be attracted to surfaces with an opposite charge and then capture them on plates within the purifier so they don’t recirculate into your home.

Breathing cleaner air can give you more energy and help you sleep better. Reducing the pollen and pet dander in your home can give you peace from allergies. And filtering out and neutralizing bacteria, viruses, and mold can make you less likely to get sick. 

Your home will be cleaner, too. Dust, dust mites, pet hair, pollen, and other particles will be caught by the purifier before they can become a layer of dust on your furniture. Because of the reduction in those particles, your heating and air conditioning systems will run more smoothly, decreasing the need for filter changes and repairs.

Are They Better Or Worse Than Filters?

With a filtration system, air passes through filters made of cloth or paper. Things like pet hair and dust will be caught in the filters, reducing the number of particles contaminating the air. This may be all your home requires, but if you are concerned about allergens or germs, an air filter won’t do as much to eliminate those.

Portable vs. Whole House Purifiers

A portable air purifier is small and ideal for an enclosed space with very limited square footage, such as a studio apartment or dorm room. A whole house will require several individual units to purify the air throughout—or a whole house purifier, which will allow you to address all the air in your home with a single system.

At Mesaba Heating & Air, our highly-trained professional staff can provide information on your air purifier options, make personally-tailored recommendations based on your home and your needs, and install a UV air purifier that will make sure you breathe easy this fall and winter. Since our business was founded in 1981, you can also rely on us for maintenance in the future, so you can keep breathing easy for years to come.

Reach out to Mesaba Heating & Air Conditioning today and improve your air quality all year long.

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