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Marilyn Mcconkey's Profile Image
Marilyn Mcconkey, Two years ago

Austin (tech) was courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful during our yearly maintenance visit.

carol korpi's Profile Image
carol korpi, Two years ago

I have never had a bad experience with any of the guys that have been here to install or do maintenance on my furnace. Everyone has been knowledgeable & courteous. Also very helpful & patient with all of my questions!

Pat Sklors's Profile Image
Pat Sklors, Two years ago

We were pleased with Corey's service call today. We found him to be polite, competent, considerate, and thorough . And we like that Mesaba Heating calls to remind us of our furnace "checkups" . We beleive in maintenance and like that they have our backs if an unforeseen cold weather problem should occur.

Jace Peiffer's Profile Image
Jace Peiffer, Two years ago
WhileUcan's Profile Image
WhileUcan, Two years ago

Always a good experience with Mesaba Heating. The staff is friendly and they are fast to respond. The technicians are well informed, knowledgeable and don't waste any time. I think the pricing for parts and labor is fair.

Anthony Tekautz's Profile Image
Anthony Tekautz, Two years ago

Fast response. Friendly technicians.

Joe Jackson's Profile Image
Joe Jackson, Two years ago

Well fitted for job.

Janice Lister's Profile Image
Janice Lister, Two years ago

Thank you Craig and Bill for your prayers for Dan

Jolene Johnson's Profile Image
Jolene Johnson, Two years ago

Brandon was very helpful with our furnace replacement. We live in Virginia and needed to end our steam heating and he was a wonderful help with the change over and answered all of our questions. Thank you for the help!

William Boyce's Profile Image
William Boyce, Two years ago

Cory the tech was very friendly and performed maintenance on my furnace. In the process he explained what he did and pointed out an issue with my propane pressure and corrected it. He also promoted a solace air filtration system (which I am interested in) and setup with a conference call with Randy to discuss air conditioning vs heat pump. He also determined that my heat exchanger has a recall on it.

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