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Ray VanGuilder's Profile Image
Ray VanGuilder, This year

It was vary good and professional

Tim Link's Profile Image
Tim Link, This year

They showed up on time for the appointment.
It turned out that I needed a new fan for my furnace.
They ordered a new one. They showed up on time for the installation of the new fan.
I called around to get an idea on the cost on a new fan and labor. Their price seems to be around the same as everybody else's.
They were very easy and pleasant to work with.

What else can you as for?
They were perfect.

Jeremy Tillotson's Profile Image
Jeremy Tillotson, This year

Our boiler failed on us Jan 30th. We called Mesaba and they came same day to size and quote a new one. Made a decision the morning of Jan 31st and they made time for us and installed the new one on Feb 2nd. Very professional and nice to work with.

Julie Owens's Profile Image
Julie Owens, This year

We have been so happy with their service and recommended them to friends!


Great job

Shannee Storlie's Profile Image
Shannee Storlie, This year

Our technician was super professional, not pushy about extra services, very polite, had helpful suggestions, and was easy to talk to. I appreciate how they were able to schedule us for service! Thank you very much!

Gregg Babcock's Profile Image
Gregg Babcock, This year

Been using these guys for two years
Very professional explain what they're doing and how our boiler system works. Highly recommend

Richard Booth's Profile Image
Richard Booth, This year

Very prompt repaired even though power was out.worked when power restored.

steven babbini's Profile Image
steven babbini, This year

Calling mesaba heating one because they are close. Also my son used them and had nothing but good things to say about them. All I want was a furnace check up. They asked when I called how old it was. When I told them 10 years old with no problems. The appointment was made. When the technician came to check the furnace he put on shoe protection. Looking at the furnace and showing me about what he was doing and asking me is there any questions. He answered all questions I asked. Made me feel at ease that the furnace was good to go. A couple of days later I noticed the furnace was not staying lite.I called them and told them what was going on. The person on the phone told me first check the air vent to see if it covered with snow. She was right about all the snow that fell over night. I'm glad she saved me money and what to look for if it happens again.

Jodean Falz's Profile Image
Jodean Falz, This year

I always receive great service from the technician. They are always so polite and take the time to explain what they are doing. They take the time to answer questions. I certainly appreciate their help.

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