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Mark Peil's Profile Image
Mark Peil, This year

My Honeywell T10 thermostat would not connect to my Wi-Fi network. Brandon came and spent two hours troubleshooting and fixing it. He even brought a new one but that did not work. Turns out it needed a new update that came out before I got my Wi-Fi network up and running. So Brandon got it hooked into his tablet Wi-Fi and eventually got the update downloaded. Honeywell did not make it easy to do this but he got it done! Now it works great and I can turn up the heat from my bed, or wherever in the world.

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Ray VanGuilder, This year
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Richar Lae, This year

On time (a pet peeve of mine) and very professional. Excellent service.

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Dan Myrum, This year
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Linda Fischer, This year

Mesaba is the best service in Hibbing for heating and air. I am so impressed. Thank you so much!!!!!

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Robert Judnick, This year
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Daniel Bush, This year
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David Scott, This year
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Anthony DeLuca, This year
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Ben Suslavich, This year

This company is the best in northern Minnesota
They are well organized, always answer the phone, provide prompt service, keep you up to date on scheduling, did a wonderful job installing the furnace, and provided follow up. You couldn't ask for more

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