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Serving the Northland


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Why AC Maintenance Is a Worthwhile Investment

Now that spring is here and the weather is warming, we’re hoping that you’re thinking about your comfort this upcoming spring and summer. If you’re not, take this as your sign to put the air conditioning at the forefront of your mind. It’s time to schedule an appointment for your air conditioning maintenance in Grand Rapids, MN

When we speak to homeowners, we often get questions surrounding the benefit of maintenance. Some out there are skeptical about how beneficial this investment really can be. We understand this and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Let’s get into this below.

What Maintenance Does For You

Maintenance is definitely a worthwhile investment. Here are a few reasons why:

Energy Efficiency

One of the best benefits of air conditioning maintenance is energy efficiency. When you have a system that’s perfectly tuned up on a regular basis, you’re going to eliminate the inefficiency that can often plague an air conditioning system. Improved energy efficiency benefits you because it also decreases the cost of your air conditioning expenses. 


This is probably the number one thing you’re looking for when you’re investing in air conditioning maintenance. Comfort is an important factor in your air conditioning service this spring and summer. Getting the right air conditioning maintenance is going to improve your comfort and keep your system in proper shape to perform. 

A Longer Equipment Lifespan

You want your air conditioning system to last. If this is the goal, then it’s important to take care of your air conditioner on a regular basis. Regular tune-ups help your air conditioner last longer because they keep your unit pristine, high functioning, and help you avoid repair work that could potentially stunt your system.

Our Maintenance Plan

We have a great maintenance plan on our team because we understand the importance of maintenance. We also understand that enrolling in a maintenance program makes things much easier. Here are the tiers of our plan that we offer:

Deluxe/Deluxe Plus Maintenance Plan

  • Service on one (Deluxe) or two (Deluxe Plus) pieces of equipment.
  • Lifetime repair guarantee for as long as you own your home and your membership remains in good standing. This excludes AC/HP compressors.
  • Priority scheduling: you’ll get front-of-the-line emergency service.
  • Complementary system rejuvenation service and safety inspections.
  • 15% discount on repairs and a 10% discount on new installations. One year membership in good standing is required for the discounts.
  • No call-out fee.
  • 24-hour emergency service, with no weekend or overtime charges.

Economy Maintenance Plan

  • Minimum required service to maintain the factory warranty.
  • Super Tune-Up and safety inspection.
  • 15% discount on repairs and 5% discount on new installations. One year membership in good standing is required for the discounts.
  • 90-day warranty on all parts.
  • Discounted call-out fee starting at $79.00.

Maintenance is always best when it’s routine. That’s why enrolling in a maintenance program is so beneficial. If you’re ready to enroll, then reach out to our professionals today.

Contact Mesaba Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment with our team. Service to You, Is Success to Us!

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