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Correcting These 5 Boiler Myths

Boilers have quite the mystery surrounding them. This is the number one system we hear misinformation about when we’re speaking with homeowners. We’re here to acknowledge that this isn’t your fault. There’s a lot of misinformation being passed off as “facts” when it concerns a boiler system. We want to do our part by correcting this today.

We know everything there is to know about boilers in Mountain Iron, MN. We’re prepared to pass this knowledge on to you. If you’re ever ready to install, replace, repair, or even maintain a boiler, our professionals are also here to provide for you. 

5 Facts You Need to Know

Don’t believe these myths! The following are a few things that we want to unlearn. 

They Don’t Actually Boil Water

The most common misconception that we hear about boilers is that they actually boil water. This isn’t actually the case. We know that the name of this system is misleading. The term “boiler” is a term that’s carried over from when steam boilers were common in the past. Today, boilers don’t heat the water to the point where it turns into steam.

They’re Considered Radiant Heating

Boilers are actually considered radiant heating systems. Radiant heating works by warming an object in a room and then radiating that heat outward. When you’re thinking of a furnace system, you’re thinking of a forced-air system. While both are good at providing heat, many people prefer radiant heating because it mimics the feeling of warmth radiating down from the sun.

The Burn Risk Is Low

When we talk to homeowners about their hesitation concerning boilers, the number one concern we hear has to do with burns. We want to assure you that the burn risk is much lower than it might seem. Boilers have a low burn risk as long as you keep your heater at the appropriate heating setting. Anything too high increases your risk of trouble. 

There Are Common Reasons This System Breaks

Just like a furnace or a ductless system, there are common reasons that your boiler might run into issues. We get the impression that many homeowners think boilers are near-invincible simply because they don’t have many moving parts. This isn’t the case. 

Most often, you’ll run into a boiler problem due to an issue with an electrical component or a pump failure. This is something you can easily avoid with annual maintenance for your boiler. 

They Need Maintenance

Yes, you need to maintain your boiler. As we mentioned above, many homeowners think that a boiler won’t run into issues solely because it doesn’t function the same way that a furnace would. It is true that boilers typically run into fewer issues and last longer due to their limited number of moving parts. Although this is true, these systems are still fallible. Having a professional come out every fall to maintain your boiler is vital. It’s what’s going to ensure that your boiler is both safe and effective. 

Contact Mesaba Heating & Air Conditioning for your boiler. Service to You, Is Success to Us!

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