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Serving the Northland


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Don’t Try to Fix Your Furnace by Yourself


In Minnesota, it’s more critical than almost anywhere else in the country to have your heating system work well and be reliable. When you’re concerned about your furnace, you know it needs to be fixed right away. You might be tempted to try some DIY furnace repair, but that would be a dangerous plan. Here are the risks you’d face trying to fix your furnace yourself. 

Gas Furnace Hazards

When it comes to working on an appliance that burns natural gas, the most serious risks fall into two categories: risks involving the gas itself, and risks involving carbon monoxide.

  • Gas: Since it cannot be seen, you may not know if you cause natural gas to leak from your furnace during DIY repairs. Because it has no odor, a strong-smelling chemical is added, but if the leak is slow, it may take quite a while for you to notice. Gas leaks can cause explosions, either while you’re working on the furnace or sometime in the future. It’s not worth the risk!
  • Carbon Monoxide: Accidental damage to certain components during repair, or a failure to properly repair these components if there’s already something wrong with them, can cause incomplete combustion of the natural gas. When combustion isn’t complete, carbon monoxide is created. It can cause many alarming symptoms (even hallucinations!) and can even be fatal.

Electric Furnace Hazards

Working on electrical equipment without extensive training can also cause both immediate and delayed hazards. 

  • Electrical Shock: This is the most sudden risk, and with large equipment like a furnace, there’s enough power flowing through it that the shock could be lethal. 
  • Fire: It’s possible for a fire to start suddenly while an untrained homeowner is working on electrical equipment. It’s also possible for improper work on wiring or electrical connections to leave the furnace at high risk of causing an electrical fire at some point in the future.

Legal Ramifications

In most jurisdictions, there are laws that specify who is allowed to work on gas lines and gas appliances. A homeowner, without the proper licensing, would be violating these regulations by attempting DIY gas furnace repair. This would make you liable for any damages, and you might even jeopardize your homeowner’s insurance.

Time and Money

An experienced professional will have a quick and easy time diagnosing furnace problems and repairing them. This process could take many hours or days for someone with no training, if they were able to be successful at all. It’s also likely that, after spending a great deal of money on components and tools, a homeowner will still need to call a professional to finish the job. Don’t pay twice for furnace repair!

Why a Professional is Best

Before coming to work on your furnace, your technician has had a long professional journey. They have spent years, first in training, then shadowing a more experienced technician, and finally working under supervision, before being qualified to work alone. They know both gas and electric heating systems inside and out. They’ll get the job done while keeping you, your family, and your home safe.

When you need furnace repair in Virginia, MN, don’t take the risk of trying to do it yourself. Rely on the professionals.

Reach out to Mesaba Heating & Air Conditioning today. Service to you is success to us!

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