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Your New Home Additions Need Heat Too


Sometimes, a home just isn’t large enough for a family’s needs. Maybe you’re having more children. Maybe your parents or in-laws are moving in. Or maybe you’ve just had an amazing idea for a game room or other specialized space. It’s very common to build an addition or convert space like a garage, attic, or basement so it can be lived in. 

The tricky bit is that this new space doesn’t just need to be planned, built, insulated, and finished. It also needs to be heated, especially in our climate. What are the options for expanding your heating system to provide enough warmth for the new addition to your home? We’re so glad you asked.

Relying on Your Existing System

It would be so simple if you could just count on the heat from your existing furnace or boiler being enough to keep the new space cozy. But there are a couple of things that make that quite challenging. 

First, heating systems are selected based on the size of the space they need to heat. Expecting your current heater to heat a larger area can put a lot of strain on the system, leading to excess wear and tear, more frequent repair needs, significantly higher utility bills, and a shorter life for the overworked system.

Second, the distribution system for that heat did not include the new space. Even if the heating system is powerful enough, the heat it creates isn’t being carried into your addition, making it likely that your new room will always be chilly.

Adding Ductwork

Perhaps your home addition is small, just a single room, or is in an area where heat will easily accumulate, such as a converted attic. Depending on the size of your furnace, it may be possible to simply add ductwork to that area to better distribute the heat your furnace can create. If it’s feasible, this would be the least expensive solution up front, but if it strains your furnace, your utility bills may rise alarmingly.

Adding a New Furnace or Boiler

Perhaps your home addition is large, a whole in-law apartment or new wing of the house. It may be worth it to have a second system for heating the new area. This will allow you to have separate control of the heating of the two sections of your home, and will prevent your existing system from being overworked. However, an entirely new heating system could be quite costly.

A Ductless Solution

You may be more familiar with the use of ductless systems for air conditioning, but they work with heating systems as well. With this option, although you will be purchasing a new heater, you won’t be using the time, money, or space to install a new system of ductwork. 

This system would also have a separate thermostat, or if your addition is large, it could have multiple air handler units each with their own thermostat. This zone control can help to maximize comfort while minimizing energy use.

A Professional Assessment

When you’re considering your options, it’s critical to have a thorough professional assessment of your existing heating system and the new space you’re hoping to heat. A qualified technician can address your concerns, determine whether slight modifications could make your existing heater work for the space, and offer tailored solutions for heater installation in Eveleth, MN that will fit your budget.

Reach out to Mesaba Heating & Air Conditioning today. Service to you is success to us!

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