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Signs That Your Boiler Needs Repair


Your boiler has been a good investment. It’s a reliable, effective way to provide heat to your home, even in the harshest Minnesota winter weather conditions. You should be able to rely on your boiler for many years, as long as you have basic maintenance done annually. However, every heating system encounters a problem from time to time, and a problem that isn’t caught early can turn into a miserable winter night with no heat when the boiler shuts down completely.

You can probably tell quickly and easily when you or your human friends are not feeling well. The signs are obvious because you have a lifetime of experience noticing them. When your boiler is having trouble, it might be harder for you to spot the signs. We have good news for you! Just as you learned how to gauge when a human should see a health professional, you can learn how to recognize the signals that your boiler is struggling and needs an appointment with a professional in boiler repair in Chisholm, MN.

To get you started on your learning journey, we’re going to share some common symptoms of a boiler in poor health, so you can start paying attention and catch problems early.

Unusual Noises

Your boiler isn’t silent when it’s working, but the sounds it makes should be consistent and familiar. When you hear something unexpected, that can be a sign of trouble. Specific sounds that you should keep an ear out for include crackling, thunking, and kettling. You’ve never heard a sound described as kettling? Well, if you’ve heard water boiling rapidly inside a kettle, it’s a pretty distinctive sound, and it’s not one your boiler should be making. If you have concerns about the noises your boiler is making, make an appointment for repairs.

Uneven Heating

Your boiler should be keeping your whole home cozy. If you have some rooms that easily reach a comfortable temperature while others stay much too chilly, your boiler should have a checkup. It’s possible that a repair could make it so your whole home is the snug den you deserve in the winter.

Increasing Utility Costs

A boiler does use fuel, and in extremely cold weather, it will use more of it. But if you notice that your bills have increased even when you’re not expecting any more of your boiler, it’s time for repairs. A boiler can decrease in efficiency when it’s not regularly maintained or when it’s experiencing difficulty. Addressing that now can prevent a small problem from becoming a large, expensive one.

Pilot Problems

There are two significant things you should watch for with your pilot light. The first is difficulty lighting or staying lit. This can be caused by a buildup of mineral deposits and should be repaired promptly. The second is if your pilot’s flame is red or yellow. A natural gas flame burns bright blue, and a propane flame is greenish-blue. These will likely have a bit of yellow at the tip. But an all-yellow or reddish flame indicates that there is a dangerous issue, and there could even be a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Turn the boiler off and call for emergency repairs.

Reach out to Mesaba Heating & Air Conditioning today for all your home heating needs. Service to you is success to us!

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