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Serving the Northland


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Does Your Boiler Need Repair?


A boiler is a reliable, effective way to keep your house heated. However, just like any heating system, there are times when a boiler encounters a problem and requires repair. You’re probably very familiar with the indications that a human being isn’t feeling well: fever, chills, sneezing, and so on. Your boiler also has symptoms that can tell you when it’s not doing well, but you’re less likely to notice them or realize what they mean.

If your boiler is struggling and doesn’t get the attention that it needs, it can break down completely, leaving you without heat in the middle of the night in the middle of winter. Nobody wants to wake up to a frozen house, and the inconvenience and expense of emergency repairs are considerable. How can you be sure to address problems before they turn into disasters? We’ll share some signs of boilers in need of repair, so you can spot the symptoms and take action.

Uneven Temperatures

Are some of your rooms always perfectly cozy while others never quite make it to the temperature you’d like? The circulator pump in the boiler could be the issue, or there could even be a leak in your system. This is definitely a time for prompt repair.

Cold Registers or Radiators

Sometimes, the reason for a chilly room is that the radiator or baseboard register in that room has gone completely cold, never heating up at all. The manifold could be responsible, and with professional attention, your problem could be resolved, so your whole home can be consistently cozy.

Rumbling Sounds

There is a particular rumbling sound boilers sometimes make. Imagine the sound of furiously-boiling water combined with a rolling amount of sediment in the boiler itself. If you hear this sound, it’s likely that your boiler is dealing with built up debris, which is only going to get worse. There are several possible causes, but the important thing is to shut the boiler down and get professional help.


If you spot a puddle below your boiler or see water leaking from the tank itself or any of the connection points, this is another instance where the only safe response is to shut the boiler down and reach out to a professional with experience repairing boilers in Cook, MN.


It takes many years for boilers to develop corrosion. If you have an older boiler, it’s likely that corrosion will begin on the heat exchanger. If you spot this problem, the good news is that the heat exchanger is a replaceable part. With a new one, your boiler could be in business for quite a while longer. 

Increased Energy Costs

If your utility bills have risen even when your demand for heat has not increased, that’s a sign of a problem. Many issues can cause inefficiency, so a professional will have to inspect your boiler and diagnose the specific cause. With repairs, you could bring your cost of heating back down to a much more affordable level.

Reach out to Mesaba Heating & Air Conditioning today for all your home heating needs. Service to you is success to us!

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