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Serving the Northland


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Is It Time for a Heating System Upgrade?


As we settle into the winter weather, you might be more aware of your heating system and how it’s working…or how it’s not working. If you’re finding yourself unsatisfied with your heater’s performance, you shouldn’t simply brace yourself for a Minnesota winter with unreliable heat. You can resolve a variety of problems with the right repair, and if that’s no longer possible, you should learn about your many options for upgrading your heating system.

When should you plan on repairing your heating system and when should you seriously consider replacing it? Here are some pointers.

Minor Issues

Noises, dust problems, uneven heating, thermostat concerns, and more can usually be resolved with repairs. If your heating system is relatively new, it’s probably worth repairing rather than replacing it. Your technician can help you determine things like the overall well-being of your heating system and the projected cost of the repair, and may also be able to give you tips for preventing this problem from occurring in the future. 


Gas furnaces, if regularly maintained, often work well for around fifteen years. Electric heating systems can last longer, 20 years, or sometimes more with consistent maintenance. If your heater is at an age where it cannot reasonably be expected to survive more than another winter or two, it might not be worth investing in an expensive repair. 


Annual maintenance should be able to restore a relatively-young heater to nearly the same efficiency level it had when it was purchased. However, if maintenance and repairs have left you with a heating system that is still more costly than you think it should be, a new high-efficiency model might be the best choice. It’s also worth noting that if your heater was never particularly efficient, you could save money in the long term by investing in a high-efficiency heater now.

Frequency of Repairs

Perhaps you haven’t had a single enormous repair done, but you’re finding yourself needing heater repairs more and more frequently. Those costs are significant when you consider them all together, and a newer and more reliable heating system might be your best bet.


If you can see degrading and corroded areas on your furnace, this is a big problem. It usually only occurs after many years of operation, so you’ve got two of these signs pointing to needing a new heater. Corrosion cannot be fully repaired, and it can be a safety hazard as it progresses, so it is definitely time to upgrade your heating system. 

Your Options

If you think you might need heater replacement in Virginia, MN, we would be happy to discuss your wide array of options with you. We install gas and electric furnaces, boilers and other radiant heat systems, and heat pumps, and our team is knowledgeable about all of them.

We can help you assess your needs, the most cost-effective options, and any potential complications if you choose to switch from one type of system to another. We offer free estimates and if you’ve already discussed this with another company and weren’t sure you liked their answers, free second opinions as well.

Reach out to Mesaba Heating & Air Conditioning today for all your home heating needs. Service to you is success to us!

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