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Serving the Northland


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The Benefits of a New Boiler


As the weather gets colder and colder in Minnesota, it is a good time to ask how is your heating system doing. Has it been struggling to keep you warm enough? Has it been making any odd noises or requiring repairs? Have you been unpleasantly surprised by your utility bills increasing? Are you worried about how old your heater is, and wondering how much longer it can last?

A new boiler could solve all of these problems and bring you tremendous peace of mind, along with consistent warmth. If you think you’ll be needing to replace your heater soon, you should consider all the benefits a brand-new boiler can provide.

Reliable Heat

If your boiler has been struggling, you may have found it hard to keep your home warm, or some rooms may not have been getting as warm as others. A new boiler system will heat your home quickly and evenly, easily maintaining your preferred temperature. The new year can be your most comfortable year yet. 

Improved Efficiency

Did you know that it’s common for 60% or more of a home’s energy usage to be spent on heating? While a boiler was always a good choice, the newer models are even better than the boilers of the past. They use less fuel to achieve the same amount of heat. What’s more, they also use less water, cutting down on those utility costs as well! And any time you use less energy and less water, you’re not just spending less money, you’re having less of an environmental impact. So not only will you be more comfortable with your temperature and your bills, you’ll have the added comfort of knowing you’re doing something that’s better for the Earth.

Reduced Need for Repairs

A boiler, in general, tends to require fewer repairs than other types of heaters. And a new boiler will be much less likely to require repairs than an old boiler. And we have even better news: boilers tend to last longer than other types of furnaces, especially the new models. It’s possible that the boiler you purchase now will still be working in two or even three decades.

Saving Space

While older boilers were larger, the new models have been streamlined. These new, smaller boilers can take up less space in the area where your old system currently lives, allowing you to have more storage in your home. Or, they can be installed somewhere else where an older, larger system would not have fit.

Peace and Quiet

New boilers have been designed to be quieter than ever before. If you’ve been bothered by the noise of your heating system, a brand-new boiler is the best possible choice. 

Learn More

If you’re interested in boiler replacement in Grand Rapids, MN, we would love to help you learn about your options. Our team can help you assess your needs so that you can find a system that is properly sized for your home and will provide optimal warmth for the lowest operating cost. And with professional installation by knowledgeable experts, the risk of repair needs in the future can be cut down even more. 

Reach out to Mesaba Heating & Air Conditioning today for all your home heating needs. Service to you is success to us!

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