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Serving the Northland


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Key Furnace Dos and Don’ts

When it comes to your home’s furnace, do you think about how you operate it? We find that a furnace is one of those units that’s largely taken for granted. It’s responsible for so much in your home but considered very little. Although this is common, we want to help you switch things up today. There are many things you should consider when it comes to your furnace operation. We don’t want to overwhelm you with too many details or overcomplicate things to the point that running your furnace starts to feel like a chore. Instead, we want you to have the best backing to improve your furnace service in Grand Rapids, MN. This starts with the right furnace tips and we have them for you. 

Tips to Keep in Mind

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind for the rest of the winter season. We guarantee that they’ll help you. 

The Dos

Here are some tips you should know about. They’ll help your furnace this winter:

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

The first thing you should always do is schedule a maintenance appointment. Our approach to maintenance is always “better late than never,” but if you’re trying to be on your best behavior possible, then we suggest you schedule this appointment at the top of the fall season. You can schedule with us and even ask about our maintenance plan while you’re at it. 

Replace Your Air Filter

It’s important to replace your home’s air filter at least once a season. A fresh air filter makes your home heater as efficient as possible. 

Consider Your IAQ

Did you know that your home’s indoor air quality can affect your heating? If you’re not already pouring into this system, then now is the time to do so. We suggest looking into humidifiers during this time of year because they’ll always make you feel warmer. 

Know the Role Lighting Plays

Did you know that your home’s lighting plays a huge role in how warm your home feels and how your furnace works? If you’re keeping your blinds or curtains closed throughout the warmest point of the day, then you’re working against your own comfort. Great lighting makes your home feel that much warmer. 

The Don’ts

Most of the time, we think of tips as things you can do, but there are also preventive measures that are sure to help you as well. Try these:

Block Your Vents

It’s easy to block a clear path coming from your vents during the more mild points of the year. If this is a mistake that you might have made, then now is the time to correct it. Blocking your vents will only force your furnace to work harder. This will result in poor furnace operation, high heating bills, and even potential breakdowns.

Choose Unwise Temperatures

We want you to choose temperatures that make sense. We know what it’s like to come home and want to choose a temperature that sounds like it’s going to make your home feel like a tropical oasis. Temperatures this high are typically unwise because they force your system to work so hard for no reason. Choosing a mild temperature and waiting a little longer is always best.

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