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7 Ways to Get the Most Out Of Your AC

What do you do to keep your home cool all summer long? While you may think adjusting the thermostat is all you can do, there are other steps to help you get the most out of air conditioning in Virginia, MN. As the heat of summer continues, it becomes even more important to take steps to get better effectiveness and efficiency out of your system. Here’s how to do that.

Use These 7 Best Practices to Get Optimal Effectiveness From Your AC

Implement these best practices to get the best performance from your air conditioner.

#1: Cover the windows

Specifically, focus on any south-facing windows in your home. These are most likely to allow intense sunlight in during the summer months, heating your home. Use black-out drapes or shades, when possible, to limit that light from coming into the home.

#2: Keep vents clean

Walk around the home to clean all vents. Use a duster that can fit into the grooves. If you have air handlers, make sure to keep those clean too. Sometimes, the dust and debris of the outdoors can easily get into these areas and cause airflow trouble.

#3: Set your thermostat properly

Aim to keep your thermostat at 78° or higher. Doing this helps to ensure the air conditioner isn’t overtaxed throughout the summer and ensures better efficiency. If the temperatures outside continue to rise and your temperature is set at 70°, your system has to work much harder, increasing costs and putting more strain on all of the system’s components. That increases the risk of a breakdown, too.

#4: Ensure doors and windows are closed

Don’t just close all of the windows and doors throughout your home but lock them. Doing this helps to create a tighter seal around those openings, preventing loss of air through them. If you have any gaps in your doorways or windows, caulk or otherwise repair them to reduce air loss. The less hot air getting into the house, the easier things will be on your air conditioner.

#5: Schedule maintenance every year

It is always a good time to get help for your air conditioner from a pro. Having a professional come to your home allows them to check for any issues in the system that may lead to higher energy use or reduced cooling. They can then address these issues before they take a toll on your energy bills or your comfort.

#6: Check the system filter

It is one of the most important things you can do each month of the summer to keep your AC working at its best. If you haven’t changed it yet, do so now. A dirty filter can hinder the flow of air into the system which reduces the amount of cool air being made.

#7: Keep heat-generating appliances operating less often

Try to use heat-generating appliances when it’s not as hot. That includes everything from your stove to your washer and dryer. The less heat these appliances can add to the air in your home, the less often your AC will have to run.

Schedule your air conditioner services with Mesaba Heating & Air Conditioning today to get the best comfort level all season long.

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